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Personal Injury including:
Automobile, Bicycle, and Motorcycle Collisions
Trip and Fall due to dangerous condition
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Dog bite or animal attack


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What Others Say

“In 2015 I was in an automobile accident and sustained a life altering injury. After several months of pain, I realized I needed surgery and began the daunting task of dealing with insurance companies, paying my medical bills, and getting orthopedic referrals. It was at this time I consulted with Elan Firpo. Elan was very prompt, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions. I now realize I could not have navigated through this process without Elan’s expertise. I felt that Elan was dedicated to my case as I recovered from my injury and moved on with my life. Words cannot express how thankful I am for the representation I received.”

Craig P., Eureka, CA

“Elan represented me in an insurance claim following my serious auto collision. From the minute we met until the surprisingly large settlement check arrived, she and her staff stayed on top of every step. She communicated in timely, clear, careful ways, and always made me feel 100% confident in her generous proactive advocacy. Kindness and professionalism don’t always include one another, but with Elan, they do.”

Diana L., Eureka, CA

“Some time ago while I was riding my motorcycle, a car turned in front of me and caused us to have a serious collision. As a result I sustained major injuries, which turned into major financial liabilities. Elan’s expertise and professionalism were paramount to my victory over the financial fallout resulting from this event. Furthermore, her unprecedented compassion and unwavering commitment to support me through my time of need is still humbling to me. Ultimately, words cannot express the gratitude I have for Elan.”

Nathan B., Fortuna, CA

“I’ve been wanting to drop you a line to congratulate you on bringing Elan into your practice. I didn’t work with her very much until the Bodhi Tree trial. When we did work together she was awesome. I’m still amazed at what a remarkable job she did in what had to be one of the most challenging periods of her legal career.”

Sergeant Robert M., Retired, Arcata Police Department

“I was involved in an automobile accident in 2019.  After several months of dealing with the insurance companies and trying to pay for my medical bills, I became lost and confused.  Luckily, I contacted Elan Firpo at the perfect time.  With her support, professionalism, and expertise, I was able to receive a successful resolution.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for the help Elan Firpo gave to me and my wife.”

Luciano R., Eureka, CA

“Elan took my personal injury accident case due to a fall in a local business.  Before I could have a court date the COVID happened.  Elan worked on a settlement for me and I was very happy with the outcome.”

Norma L., Ferndale, CA

“Elan represented me in an insurance claim, following an automobile accident.  Prior to her taking me on as a client I was dealing with the insurance company directly.  They were extremely difficult to deal with.  They repeatedly tried to low ball me into taking a settlement that was too low in regard to my injury, pain and overall wellbeing.

I spoke with multiple lawyers and law firms and none of them were willing to take me on due to the type of injury as well as the low potential of what the settlement could be.  That is until I spoke to Elan.  She told me I had a legitimate case; one she was willing to take on.  When I asked why she was willing where others were not, she told me she was more concerned about supporting members of her community than she was in making a bunch of money off any one claim.

Elan was always thoughtful in how she dealt with me.  She answered my numerous questions and concerns.  She was always honest and up front, a quality I respect and admire.  Elan was one of the main reasons I was able to get the settlement I did.

I thank Elan for her help and guidance through this difficult situation.  I only wish I had retained Elan sooner.  If anyone needs legal counsel, I recommend Elan Firpo.”

Garrett E., Crescent City, CA

“I am a local estate planning attorney and have referred clients with personal injury claims, to Elan Firpo.   I have gotten feedback from the clients I referred and all have told me how satisfied they were the representation she provided.  I am always comfortable recommending my clients to Elan knowing they will be treated well.”

Jim Aste, Ferndale, CA

“Elan Firpo represented me after I was attacked by a dog and suffered serious wounds.  Her expertise in handling my matter, her informative and timely up-dates served to assure me that my case would be settled in my favor… which it was!  Elan kept me informed and up to date as the case progressed.  I can not thank her enough for her thoroughly professional manner, her humor and genuine interest in my case.  I would, without hesitation, recommend her.”

Roberta P., Eureka, CA

“I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure and opportunity of being represented by Elan
in an expungement case.  I cannot talk highly enough of her. Elan has made a big
difference in my life and future. She really stood up for me during a crucial moment in the
courtroom with her swift concise expertise. Her actions made all the difference in the
outcome.  She is professional, knowledgeable, kind and personal. Thank you so much!”

David M., Eureka CA

Who We Are

The Firpo Law Firm focusses on professional representation and personal attention. Whether your issue is related to the passing of a family member, or an injury, we will provide personal service with the objective of making a difficult situation as stress-free as possible for you.  The Firpo Law Firm has the experience, resources and skill to provide you with aggressive and competent representation while remaining accessible and personable.