Case Results

The Firpo Law Firm specializes in client advocacy, where no case is too large and very few are too small. Our vision is to help our clients, not to become famous or to fill our own pockets. Many law firms value their cases based on money value alone. We see the client first, not the money. Our objective is to provide advocacy, respect, just compensation and closure for our clients during what is surely a difficult time in their lives.

These are only a few examples of our previous cases and settlements.

Representation at Hearings:

Our client was falsely accused of serious allegations which could have cost him his career, his livelihood, and his reputation.  Through zealous research, investigation, and advocacy, we were able to clear our client of any wrongdoing.

Aggressive Advocacy at Negotiations:

Several clients have requested our assistance to ensure they were provided with adequate compensation for conflicts related to employment.  By listening carefully to our clients, and investigating their situation, we were able to win for them a favorable result that compensated them for their loss as well as put them on a sure footing to move forward.

Dog Bite:

Our clients left their own home to go for an evening walk. As they walked in front of their neighbors’ home, on the sidewalk, a large dog came from the garage, attacked our client, and pulled her to the ground. She is a high-spirited strong lady, but she also weighs approximately 90 pounds and is approaching elderly. Her skin was not broken due to a thick sweater and she sustained only mild bruising from the attack. She and her husband recovered $50,000.00 in settlement.

Motor Vehicle Collision:

Our clients were driving on Highway 36 to their home in Ruth. On a straight stretch of road, a car in the oncoming lane veered into their lane and drove into them, seemingly purposely. The driver of the other car came to rest underneath the car of our clients and was immediately killed. Our clients were not injured, in part due to the size of their own car, but there were traumatized. Our clients recovered $250,000.00 in settlement.

Solo Motor Vehicle Accident:

Our client was riding in the passenger seat of a vehicle when the driver had a medical episode for no known reason. The driver lost control of the vehicle and it went off the road. Our client was injured but made a full recovery and received in settlement $250,000.00.

Trip and Fall:

Our client went to a work site to help her then-boyfriend do a tree trimming job. She had no intention of helping and was neither dressed nor trained to assist with a tree trimming job. The tree-trimming boyfriend got sawdust in his eyes which was burning him, and he called for help from our client to bring him water. She walked across the yard to bring him water and broke her ankle in the tree trimming rubble. He was less than a gentleman about it. They broke up and she received $400,000.00 in settlement.

Dog Bite:

Our client went to check his mail at a rural mailbox. He put his left hand on top of his mailbox while he opened and looked inside the mailbox with his right hand. A dog, which had previously been silent, jumped up from behind the mailbox and bit the middle finger of his left hand. Our client made a full recovery and received in settlement $100,000.00.