Our Philosophy

Who we are

The Firpo Law Firm is a Humboldt County litigation law firm which prides itself on providing the highest quality representation to its clients. True to our roots as trial attorneys, we never shy away from a courtroom, no matter the opponent or the stakes. Indeed, we have found our willingness to try cases often helps them settle. However, whether we go to trial, negotiate a settlement of the case or find a creative legal solution, our first priority is always obtaining the best result for our client.

What we bring

At the end of the day, results matter. When our clients seek our help, our firm’s attorneys bring over fifty years of experience and a proven track record of tenacious advocacy. We seek to build long lasting client relationships based on integrity, competence and most importantly—results.

What we give

Our clients live and work in the same North Coast communities that we do. We are therefore heavily committed to working to better Northern California—both in and out of the courtroom. Our attorneys and staff volunteer their time throughout Humboldt County, serve on the boards of community organizations and through the firm’s charitable contributions, we seek to assist others who also endeavor to make the Redwood Coast a great place to live.