Probate and Estate Litigation

When a family member passes, you may find yourself in need of a Probate attorney.  Probate and estate litigation can be time consuming and complicated, especially when you are already reeling from the loss of a loved one.  It is wise to seek professional help, especially with a lawyer that will be patient and explain the process.

Our attorneys understand the emotional and financial impact of probate and estate litigation.  Examples of situations where you may want to retain an attorney for probate and estate litigation include:

Will Contests:

Is the will valid?  Is it the last will?  Was it executed under duress?  Does it leave assets to family members as one would expect, or are there glaring inequities?

Trust Accounting Disputes:

Is one family member acting as Trustee, and the other family members are not clear that the estate is being managed fairly and honestly?

Creditor Litigation:

When a family member passes, how do you pay the remaining bills?  How do you know who to pay?  Who do you have to pay if there is not enough money to pay everyone?

There is no Will:

If your family member passed without a will, you may have to go through the Probate process, but you also may not.  There are ways to deal with estates to minimize the time and cost of going through the court system.

If you think a decedent’s assets were not transferred in an appropriate way, or if you require legal help in an estate or trust matter, Firpo Law Firm is here to help.

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